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What are the Five Things You Need to Know About WPC?

May. 26, 2021

WPC Material Manufacturer is always looking for the next big thing, game-changing products that can be transformed into greater sales and profits.

With the emergence of the WPC category, professional distributors face some challenges, from explaining to customers the features and benefits of the new category, to effectively promoting this product category.

WPC Wood Plastic Composite Flooring

WPC Wood Plastic Composite Flooring

For those who are new to this category or who want to learn more, here are five questions about WPC and how to answer them:

What is WPC?

The "w" stands for wood, but the fact is that most WPC-type products entering the market today do not contain wood. WPC is a composite material made of thermoplastic, calcium carbonate and wood flour. As a core material, it is sold in the form of waterproof, rigid and dimensionally stable, thus overcoming the shortcomings of various traditional engineered woods while still providing a wooden appearance. In order to make their products unique, suppliers are branding their WPC products, such as reinforced vinyl planks, engineered vinyl planks (or EVP flooring) and waterproof vinyl flooring.

How is it different from LVT?

The main difference is that WPC floors are waterproof and can cover most floors without much preparation. Traditional vinyl flooring is flexible, and any unevenness in the floor will be transferred through the surface. Compared with traditional glued LVT or solid locking LVT, WPC products have obvious advantages because the rigid core hides the flaws under the floor. In addition, the rigid core allows longer and wider formats. When using WPC, there is no need to worry about the preparation of LVT for cracks and cracks on concrete or wooden subfloors.

What are the advantages compared to laminates?

Compared with laminate, the biggest advantage of WPC is that it is waterproof and suitable for environments where laminates should not normally be used (usually bathrooms and basements may see moisture). In addition, WPC products can be installed in larger rooms without an expansion gap every 30 feet, which is a necessary condition for laminate flooring. WPC's vinyl wear layer provides cushioning and comfort, and can also absorb impact sound, making it a quiet floor. WPC also does not require expansion molded parts, so it is also suitable for large open areas.

Where is the best place to sell WPC in a retail showroom?

Most manufacturers consider WPC as a subcategory of LVT. In this way, it may show up in other elastic and/or LVT products. Some retailers show WPC between laminate and LVT or vinyl because it is the ultimate "crossover" category.

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